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FIRST STAGE! is an intensive performance-focused programme that provides theatre training and performance opportunities for young people and children. 

FIRST STAGE! trains and coaches participants through their first performing experiences on the professional stage, working alongside Singapore’s finest actors and entertainers. Since its inception in 2003, more than 150 children have benefitted from FIRST STAGE!, and they have performed for an audience of more than 166,000.

FIRST STAGE! aims to:
• Train young performers in the performance skills and techniques, inspiring joy, confidence and the love of performing live.
• Expose the young talent  to theatre etiquette, discipline and teamwork.   
• Provide opportunities for young performers to work with and learn from respected and skilled professionals.

FIRST STAGE! is today a holistic theatre training programme, incorporating more fun, behind-the-scenes interaction with actors and production crew, and exciting ways of learning theatre and life skills.  FIRST STAGE! is part of W!LD RICE’s commitment and legacy to develop and nurture performers and audiences of the future.

If you wish to be notified of future auditions for FIRST STAGE!, please send your contact details and CV to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


"I was so excited when my aunty brought me for an audition for SNOW WHITE and was so so thrilled when I was selected to perform. I remembered I had butterflies in my stomach then since it was the first time I was on stage for a big show.  After some rehearsals, I became confident and the rest was easy.  I enjoyed every minute on stage and I am now looking forward to my next performance with BEAUTY & THE BEAST." - Jervyn Tan, Kids Ensemble, SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS (2008) and BEAUTY & THE BEAST (2009)

"I enjoyed the theatrical experience.  It was really fun and I got to meet a lot of cool people!" - Gabbi Virk, Kids Ensemble, SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS (2008)

"Our family and friends watched the pantomine SNOW WHITE numerous times. Everyone was highly impressed at  the 'professional performance' of the kids ensemble too. Thank you W!LD RICE for the rewarding and invaluable experience my son gained from this opportunity to work with the company. He truly had a memorable experience!" - Renee Teoh, parent of Paul Teoh, Kids Ensemble for SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS (2008)

"SNOW WHITE rendered a wealth of stage experiences for Gabbi. She witnessed and got involved first hand in the various stages of a large scale pantomime production. From the first rehearsal to the final performance, besides honing skills in dance, drama and music and learning from experienced and celebrated actors, actresses and directors, Gabbi learnt, more importantly, the value of working hard, working in a team, dealing with different perspectives of individuals and having endurance to the end. She reaped the fruit of her labour for she thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.  She also made some really good friends!" - Melissa Wong-Virk, parent of Gabbi Virk

"Vanessa enjoyed every moment in the production of SNOW WHITE, so much that she refused to miss any of the fun-filled month-long rehearsals and the 29 stage shows, even when she felt tired.  It was an eye-opener for her, as she got to know about the backstage preparation. She also raised her performance skills for singing & dancing when practising with a group of professional performers. She was so inspired by Elaine Chan’s musical talent that she decided to pick up her piano lessons again!" - Yane Tay, parent of Vanessa Tay, Kids Ensemble, SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS (2008)

"SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS provided Jervyn an excellent platform to theatrical exposure. Not only has she learnt to work as a team player with the entire cast, live performances as such has helped build her self confidence and developed a great sense of achievement." - Jacqueline Tan, parent of Jervyn Tan

“The Foundation, a non-profit organization set up in early 2003 with funding from Singapore Press Holdings, applauds W!LD RICE for staging this favourite children’s production and especially for giving some 27 young kids a chance to perform on stage” – The Press Foundation of Singapore, Sponsor for FIRST STAGE! in ALADDIN (2004)


We are proud to have worked with the following children: 

Aaraliya Chen, Ashleigh Ng Qing Li, Bee Rogers, Chloe Fong, Chloe Lam Zhuo Yi, Chong I-Yin, Christian Liu, Clarice Liu, Dawn Yap, Deny Haans Hazriel B Armada, Erica Tan Jia’en, Ethan Han Hao Zhang, Gabrielle Ng Yun Qing, Happy Rogers, Hayley Anna Houghton, Ian Lee Yi-En, Jessica Baughman, Josiah Tan, Julian Lim Han, Kai, Kathlene Yeo, Keane Yap, Kendrick Koh, Kyra Leyi Cheung, Lauren Ng, Lauren Yeo, Marcus Lam, Mark Lee Zhi Ying, Maria Erika Goh, Mishka, Natasha Bjerg, Nicholas Tay, Oliver Kennett, Rand Franklin Perry, Samantha Lee Rui Hua, Sarah Lam Kei Yi, Saskia Emilie Jessop, Shoei Su, Sophia-Ines Klein, Sophie Lim Yen Jie, Sue-Ann Tan, Tan Kai Ling Lee-Ann, Than Jeri, Than Xaen, Theodore Chen.

Ariadna Padron, Anya Magotra, Anne-Sophie Cazaubon, Cameron Tweed, Christian Liu, Chong I-Yin, Clarice Liu, Dawn Yap, Erica Tan Jia En, Ian Lee Yi-En, Jazelle Neo, Jessica Baughman, Jonathan Houghton, Kathlene Yeo, Lauren Yeo Jen-Yin, Lola Rae An, Marcus Lam, Mark Lee Zhi Ying, Matthew Loo, Nita Jing Lefebvre, Rand Perry, Saffron Smith, Samantha Lee, Sarah Lam Kei Yi, Saskia Jessop, Sophia-Ines Klein, Tan E-Wen, Than Jeri, Theodore Chen.

ALADDIN (2011)
Faiz Zikry Bin Abdul Fattah, Theodore Chen, Sean Au, Tan E-Wen, Alexander Pye, Jonathan Houghton, Samuel Yuen Hao, Mark Lee, Lim Shi-An, Anabel Ng, Sarah Tan Yu Ling, Beth Yeo, Robyn Wong, Holly Stanton, Emma Huang, Lola Rae An, Victoria Sung, Nadra Afiqah Zuremi, Annisa Binte Senen, Kate Yeo, Lauren Yeo, Sophia-Ines Klein, Natasha Bjerg, Ariane Cazaubon, Anne-Sophie Cazaubon, Andre Chong, Gabriel Yong, Dylan Pereira Singh, Ashley Chow, Cameron Tweed, Marcus Lam, Christian Liu, Ian Lee, Joy Tan, Chloe Chow, Temira Chandra, Gabrielle Ng, Hannah Chua, Jessica Greig, Sabrina Lee, Samantha Lee, Sarah Lam, Koo ii, Jan Neo, Ashleigh Ng, Clarice Liu, Erica Tan, Jessica Huyen Baughman

Ethel Chen, Natasha Bjerg, Cameron Tweed, Jervyn Tan, Dillen Jhala, Jan Neo, Lim Shi-An, Paul Teoh, Sophia-Ines Klein, Claire Lum, Tan E-Wen, Gabrielle Virk, Vanessa Tay, Gabriel Yong, Victoria Sung, Jonathan Henry Houghton, Michelle Simon Hariff, Andre Chong, Anthea Lee, Annisa Binte Senen, Sarah Tan, Deserae Tan, Christy Alyssa Yeo, Faiz Zikry Bin Abdul Fattah, Andreia Ko, Anabel Ng, Rachel Quek

Shermaine Ang, Lim Shi-An, Claire Lum, Isabella Newman, Neah Amira Fatin Bte Amir, Hannah Ong, Sampath Suresh, Michelle Simon Hariff, Jervyn Tan, Joy Tan, Vanessa Tay, Paul Teoh, Cameron Tweed, Gabbi Virk, Timothy Yeo

Shermaine Ang, Sarah Buxton, Lim Shi-An, Jervyn Tan, Vanessa Tay, Paul Teoh, Vicknes Vijayarengan, Gabbi Virk, Ryan Yap

Cherie Choo, Anjali Hazra, Shashi Hazra, Lim Shi-An, Valtino Philemon Manen, Valvic Phibert Manen, Shanice Nathan, Rishi Rajendran, Vicknes Vijayarengan, Pearl Wee Shi Yi

Shanice E Nathan, Vicknes Vijayarengan, Duane Russell Ho, Salif Hardie, Valtino Philemon Manen, Rishi Rajendran, Shashi Hazra, Kathleen Oei, Qistina Amira Broome, Ebi Shankara, Sharifah Hana, Ivan Sebastian Cheng, Kimberly Sypongco, Umar bin Aziz

ALADDIN (2004)
Cherie Choo, Darryl Chua Yan Zhang, Dayna, Jerome Dass, Joshua Luke Dyason, Nathan Goh Jin Wei, Hee Ling Yi, Duane Russell Ho, Jiaming, Carmen Ko, Pasakorn Konwohrachet, Claire Marie Lim, Valtino Philemon Manen, Shanice E Nathan, Samantha Ng, Juvina Ratnam, Joshua Seng, Kimberly Acuman Sypongco, Isaac Tan, Tan Sheng Han, Rebecca Teng Siew Yan, Marco Ter, Lucas Tjia, Crystle Wee Shi Yi, Shona Winslow, Risa Ann Wong, Millicent Wong

Vanessa Lam, Ebi Shankara, Amelia Lim, Amanda Lim, Angeline Loh, Alpheus Quek, Joshua Chan, Mariah Alexis Neubronner, Rachel Quek, Renee Loh, Shanice E Nathan, Sarah Chan, Shona Winslow, Vendela Woo, Alexandra Lusty, Annalea Fernandez, Cheryl Ng, Duane Russell Ho, Evenlyn Toh, Heleyna-Ann Fernandez, Jennifer Ciupa, Kimberly Chan, Radin Nur Atiqah, Reyanna Fernandez, Shanice Sri, Widya Ayu Ichwany, Yi Jiaming